In Today’s ever-changing world, we must all do our part to help with conservation. At Blackcreek Nursery & Garden we are more than happy to take your used nursery pots and put them to good use!   We can recycle plain or branded pots.

Items We CAN Recycle: 

  • Plain or Branded Pots
  • 4-6″ Round Or Square Pots
  • Pots from 1 gallon up to 20 Gallon
  • Carry Trays & Flats

Items We CAN’T Recycle

  • Cell Packs, Very Thin Pots, Sheet Pots (like the type used for vegetable or bedding plants )
  • Damaged Pots Or Trays
  • Pots containing soil or plants

You can turn in your used pots Wednesday-Saturday 9am-4pm.  If you need to bring them on a different day, contact us and we’ll make arrangements to suit your schedule.



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