We believe that your outdoor space is just an extension of your indoor space.  Functionality and beauty are the two main concepts when adding plants to your garden and we try to supply them both.

We grow many of the plants we have at Blackcreek Nursery & Garden!  We broker a few plants, but many are from our garden!

Blackcreek Nursery & Garden is a member of  ‘Georgia Grown ~ An organization that supports Georgia Growers & Producers.

You can email  info@blackcreeknsy.com or call or text us at 912-388-9063 if there is any question on a particular item you are looking for!  If you do not get a reply within one business day from either email or phone, contact us again as we did not get your message.

Plant Listing

These lists are NOT updated in real-time and may or may not reflect current sales and item inventory.  If you are going to drive here for a particular plant, Call or preferably text us first so that you can make sure we have it!   Call us at 912-388-9063




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